Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Daphne Guinness- Contra Mundum.......

Could Daphne Guinness be anymore fascinating....??? Documentary filmmaker Brennan Stasiewicz got to peek inside Guinness’ posh Fifth Avenue apartment and capture intimate moments as she was preparing for her Met Gala performance piece back in May. "Daphne’s Window," is a beautifully narrated short film where she both refers to herself as “completely normal” and ummmm “shy!” (Two characteristics I would definitely not have called her. She must have Michael Jackson syndrome....) because those are traits not commonly associated with people wearing lilac feathered couture gowns designed by McQueen’s Sarah Burton, and stand on display in the storefront window of Barneys New York flagship store..... But I guess Daphne Guinness heiress of the Guinness fortune has always been a bit of an enigma!

Modestly wearing Contra Mundum, (Daphne’s 1.76 million dollar platinum and diamond glove) by jeweller Shaun Leane she so eloquently described the way in which fashion can be used as armor to make someone who is sort of tiny and feeble, a little more frightening. Truly a fashion Icon, this video had be captivated since the start of the ticking metronome and sound of her voice.... I loved the quote, "When I start doing something visual it's because I can't express it in words!" (true words I live by!)

"I don't think about myself in the world... Me is nothing, I'm just someone living in 2011! I just am... What I am!" -Daphne Guinness