Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Britney Spears "Criminal"......

Shot in London last month, "Criminal" is Britney's fourth single and new music video from her Femme Fatale Album. The video was directed by Chris Marrs Piliero and is basically a Bonnie and Clyde style love affair. It opens with Brit getting into a fight with her mean English boyfriend at a posh society party... then as they make their way to leave (just to send the message home) Mr. Abusive slaps Spears...

Jason Trawick, Britney's real-life boyfriend, comes to her rescue.... ummm, well Kind of!?! He plays one hot brooding bad guy with a soft spot of blonde damsels in distress. Which therefor sets off a wild chain of events and triggers a very steamy and naked love affair.

Then as most would expect; She kisses him... He kisses her.... They get it on... then Britney mixes in SOME dancing in a hallway ( We all know Britney doesn't do much dancing anymore) Next they head to a convenience store, where Spears decides she wants to rob the joint guns blazing. After the stickup, the Bonnie and Clyde duo steal a car and head back to Jason's loft to get it on some more. Followed by a revealing shower scene which includes slow panned shots on their wet, naked bodies. As they wrap the steamy shower session, the police close in on them, blasting a hail of gunfire into the apartment.... But Britney and her man just continue to kiss as bullets soar around them like a John Woo movie.... and naturally the duo escape!

Now a certified BAD Bitch, kicking ass and robbing Quickie Marts.... Long gone are the days when Britney used to dance around with pig-tales and school girl skirts, claiming to be a virgin!