Friday, October 28, 2011


Check out this fashionably strange short film that featured Gaga rockin some diamond-encrusted teeth and quoting lines like "Don't f--- with me, My heart sometimes feels so black... and other days, like rainbows." The interesting film is called "Director's Cut" and is Gaga's latest collaboration with Thierry Mugler and designer Nicola Formichetti.

"I am Mugler woman, don't f--- with me ... Do not anger Mugler woman, she will eat you."

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Daphne Guinness- Contra Mundum.......

Could Daphne Guinness be anymore fascinating....??? Documentary filmmaker Brennan Stasiewicz got to peek inside Guinness’ posh Fifth Avenue apartment and capture intimate moments as she was preparing for her Met Gala performance piece back in May. "Daphne’s Window," is a beautifully narrated short film where she both refers to herself as “completely normal” and ummmm “shy!” (Two characteristics I would definitely not have called her. She must have Michael Jackson syndrome....) because those are traits not commonly associated with people wearing lilac feathered couture gowns designed by McQueen’s Sarah Burton, and stand on display in the storefront window of Barneys New York flagship store..... But I guess Daphne Guinness heiress of the Guinness fortune has always been a bit of an enigma!

Modestly wearing Contra Mundum, (Daphne’s 1.76 million dollar platinum and diamond glove) by jeweller Shaun Leane she so eloquently described the way in which fashion can be used as armor to make someone who is sort of tiny and feeble, a little more frightening. Truly a fashion Icon, this video had be captivated since the start of the ticking metronome and sound of her voice.... I loved the quote, "When I start doing something visual it's because I can't express it in words!" (true words I live by!)

"I don't think about myself in the world... Me is nothing, I'm just someone living in 2011! I just am... What I am!" -Daphne Guinness

RODARTE Casting Call........

I love this casting video from backstage at the Rodarte Spring/Summer 2012 Fitting.... The honest way in which the models answered the questions is just hysterical. Top girls like Jourdan Dunn, Lindsey Wixson, Karlie Kloss and many of the most sought after girls in the industry, were sat down for a good old game of 20 questions.

With responses like "Who are The Beatles?" "What does this mean L..A?" and Lindsay telling us she only wants to learn to fly just incase the world is coming to an end! Shows us that they are really just like us.... only WAY better looking!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Britney Spears "Criminal"......

Shot in London last month, "Criminal" is Britney's fourth single and new music video from her Femme Fatale Album. The video was directed by Chris Marrs Piliero and is basically a Bonnie and Clyde style love affair. It opens with Brit getting into a fight with her mean English boyfriend at a posh society party... then as they make their way to leave (just to send the message home) Mr. Abusive slaps Spears...

Jason Trawick, Britney's real-life boyfriend, comes to her rescue.... ummm, well Kind of!?! He plays one hot brooding bad guy with a soft spot of blonde damsels in distress. Which therefor sets off a wild chain of events and triggers a very steamy and naked love affair.

Then as most would expect; She kisses him... He kisses her.... They get it on... then Britney mixes in SOME dancing in a hallway ( We all know Britney doesn't do much dancing anymore) Next they head to a convenience store, where Spears decides she wants to rob the joint guns blazing. After the stickup, the Bonnie and Clyde duo steal a car and head back to Jason's loft to get it on some more. Followed by a revealing shower scene which includes slow panned shots on their wet, naked bodies. As they wrap the steamy shower session, the police close in on them, blasting a hail of gunfire into the apartment.... But Britney and her man just continue to kiss as bullets soar around them like a John Woo movie.... and naturally the duo escape!

Now a certified BAD Bitch, kicking ass and robbing Quickie Marts.... Long gone are the days when Britney used to dance around with pig-tales and school girl skirts, claiming to be a virgin!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Craig Black is Partita......

First off... Isn't this what everyone believes they look like when dancing around their apartments, thinking no one else is watching?!?!? Dancer Craig Black moves beautifully through this period apartment in upstate New York’s Mount Kisco in Benjamin Millepied and violinist–turned-creative director Timothy Fain’s short film for Nowness.

Set to Phillip Glass’s score “Partita for Solo Violin” The film is part of Fain’s multimedia film. Benjamin Millepied, New York City Ballet principal and now face of YSL’s L’Homme Libre perfume; was Fain’s first call for direction of complimentary footwork after previously collaborating on the set of Black Swan.

“Philip’s new solo violin works are very beautiful, haunting and heartbreaking at the same time,” says Millepied about the music which inspired his works. “Images came quickly to mind, stories and intimate moments reflecting life.”

Baptiste Giabiconi Danse avec les stars....

Chanel's sexy man candy Baptiste Giabiconi has managed to survived two weeks on France's second season of Dancing With the Stars, even with him getting the lowest score week one. In Baptiste most recent performance, I guess he was playing a boxer who then wanted to dance... Lets just say it's a good thing he's pretty! However, his partner did the right thing by ripping off his shirt mid-tango and finishing with blue glitter raining down on his shirtless body. Obviously, This got him great scores from the show's panel!

I wonder if Uncle Karl will be showing up in the audience or if they will be doing the mambo to "Showtime" anytime soon!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Anna Selezneva Takes the Bull by the Horns.... NSFW

Superstar, Russian model Anna Selezneva battles an invisible raging bull in a short film Santa Sangre, by Swedish director Axel Lindahl for Nowness. Fascinated by the dichotomy of brutality and grace inherent in the historic Spanish bloodsport, Lindahl took on the part of the invisible beast, shouting hysterical profanities at Selezneva to provoke a performance that would capture the urgency and danger of a real fight.

The moody music plus the combination of hot leather gloves, sexy J. Mendel boot, vintage velvet tasseled collar by Amarcord and amazing encrusted tight trousers by Manish Arora create a stunning matador inspired look. Choreography for the video was a result of Anna watching bullfighting clips over and over.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Heidi Mount: InVitro........

I totally love this fashion short neo-noir film, Invitro directed by siblings Santiago and Mauricio Sierra. Supermodel Heidi Mount plays the role of a few impeccably styled mannequins held captive behind a store's glass window. Styled by Patrick Mackie the shop-window mannequins look dressed to the nine in intricate Chinoiserie inspired ensembles from Louis Vuitton in their futuristic world.

“It’s about desirability and unattainability," adds Mackie, referencing the fragile glass divide that keeps the luxe fantasy just out of reach.