Sunday, June 21, 2009

from a distance, through visual admiration...

Fashion holds a different meaning for everyone. For some fashion is being the first to sign up on Hermes mailing list to get notified of the latest Birkin bag, or a fashion student awaiting a reply from Matthew Williamson for an internship. TO most fashion is what’s attached to the body and the essence is therefore to wear fashion. But is wearing fashion a prerequisite for being fashionable or is the clothes just the tip of the iceberg with a stronger essence beneath the water surface.

Highly animated in interviews Tom Ford is one of the most invigorating personalities in the fashion world. The sheer intensity of the sexuality seen in the ads for his Tom Ford men’s line makes Pope Benedict XVI wish all humans were monogamists. Contrary to Ford’s extrovert, his choice of outfit is the expected and highly pedestrian navy blue suit and white shirt. Rarely is the New York based designer seen wearing anything more upstaging. Maybe there is calmness is a sedated appearance. Wearing the same outfit of neutral colours comes with the reward of people focusing on you rather than what you're wearing. For Karl Lagerfeld, his sterile sense of style has become fashion itself but he’s a one of a kind who doesn’t share clothing style with anyone. Regardless of the pure canvas-like image projected by these designer they breath fashion, they sleep fashion and think fashion. To individuals like Tom Ford the love lay in the art form and he’s a true testament that that one doesn’t have to wear fashion to be fashion. Some things in life are best enjoyed from a distance, through visual admiration.