Friday, January 22, 2010


Given carte blanch by YSL creative director Stefano Pilati, fashion photography icon Bruce Weber turned for inspiration to singer Marvin Gaye and pinup photographer Bunny Yeager (though does he really any inspiration when it comes to nude photography?). The result is this beautiful black and white film. Weber himself narrates the piece, sharing his thoughts on the natural grace and humor to be found in nudity. According to him, it’s the first movie he has made without his dogs and Elizabeth Taylor. And it’s unlikely to be the last. Weber’s short film “AINT’ NOTHIN’ LIKE THE REAL THING” kicked off Yves Saint Laurent’s men’s wear show in Paris, today. The black-and-white movie premiered on YouTube and Facebook simultaneously with the launch of the fashion show.
“If you don’t want to be nude, wear a suit,” was Bruce Weber’s message in this fascinating film with model Simon Nessman, Paolo Anchisi and Terron Wood.