Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Michael Jackson the unseen tour wardrobe....

Before Michael past he spoke of a wardrobe fit for a king & for his upcoming tour the pieces, which still remain unseen, would have been of the most spectacular visuals seen yet by the king of pop. Being that Michael was, literally, the greatest entertainer of all time, a king of his status needs nothing but the best to fit his reputation & to outshine the legacy that only he created.

Here's a list of the unseen items that may have caught our attention during his show:

1. A THRILLING JACKET: Costumers Michael Bush and Dennis Tompkins re-created Jackson’s iconic looks for each of the 26 songs he was to perform, but the singer asked, “How can we take it to the next level?” Bush recalls. The solution? Fiber-optic lights sewn onto his red leather “Thriller” jacket, for a surprise light show timed to the music.

2. OLD FAVES: Jackson was going to back his signature crystal glove and socks, which caught the light — and assured that even fans in the back could see him dance. “He was so excited to perform,”says Bush.

3. A MILITARY SALUTE: For the star’s rendition of “I Just Can’t Stop Loving You,” Bush and Tompkins created a “regimented, military” look.

4. BELTS AND WHISTLES: Tompkins had to make sure items like this jeweled belt would fit Jackson’s slight 27 3/4 inch waist, but says his weight was not an issue: “He was a bit smaller, but he was always thin.”

5. MAJOR DANCE MOVES: Jackson’s new Billie Jean suit held 7.5 lbs. of Swarovski crystals and 60 lights, so the star made sure he could do a spin before signing off. “The dance came first; costumes were secondary,” says Bush. “And his moves were sharper than ever.